At the end of this very unusual year, the Parish Committee is thinking toward the future.  We have been carefully tracking our budget to make sure we are able to start our next fiscal year free of large budget deficits.  The success of the on-line auction this month in which we netted $2,803 will help a lot.  Thank you to Carole Katz who organized this and to all the contributors and bidders – Wow!

We have added a brighter sign at the front of the church to welcome newcomers and let them know of our wonderful on-line services and we welcomed another new member, Anna Whitcomb.   Anna has been a long-time friend of First Parish and we are glad to have her officially join us.

Our personnel committee has been working hard this year with guidance from Rev. Wendy, to get our personnel policies in order.  We want to start fresh with a settled minister with clear policies and procedures.  At this committee’s request we voted to give Wendy, Lauren, Charlyn and Guy a Sunday off to thank them for their extraordinary work in bringing us such heart – warming and inspiring on-line services.  They will be taking Sunday, Dec. 27 off.  We will be holding a drop in service at the usual time organized by Jean Merkl.

We have also begun talking about how we will orient and welcome our new Minister.  We are planning for a transition committee to work closely with the new Minister for the first year.  We will also work with the new Minister to plan how to offer continued support for our ministry going forward.  In the past, the Committee on Ministry provided support for Mark.  Wendy has provided us with several other models for committees on ministry in other UU churches so that we can begin to think about a model that fits with our church’s needs.

Next on our agenda will be working with all of you to gather ideas about what we may want to preserve from this time of remote services as we plan for what church will be like when we can gather together again.

Here’s hoping for a new year with many new possibilities for our wonderful congregation.

Sue Twombly for the Parish Committee:
Kristin Bray
Nick Haddad
Kelly Morton
Jean Merkl-Gorman
Norah Mulvaney-Dey
Dia Warren

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The church is governed by the Parish Committee, made up of seven members elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting for a term of three years. The Parish Committee sets policy, hires staff, and manages the overall direction and business of the church.