Slowly but surely, we are beginning to get ready to begin our Search for a settled minister.  We appreciate the wonderful attendance and discussions after the service on Jan. 12.  Wendy is interested in gathering our visions for the future of this church and for the qualities you would like to see in a minister.  If you were unable to attend this meeting, you can still e-mail your thoughts to Wendy.  This information will begin to inform our yet to be elected Search committee.  There will be several other opportunities to share your thoughts throughout the spring and next fall. 

At the congregational meeting on Jan. 19, we approved spending up to $30,000 from our Building fund for work needed to get the Parsonage ready for permanent occupancy.  While we don’t expect the needed repairs to cost this much, we approved this figure to cover any additional repairs needed as the work proceeds.  The interior work of plastering and painting will begin this winter and the exterior work should begin in the summer.  Having a clean and well maintained house to offer a prospective minister is an important part of getting ready for the search process.

In the next few months, the Parish Committee will be meeting with the Compensation Coach from the UUA.  This person will be helping us to put together a financial package so that we can offer fair and competitive compensation for a new Minister.  Later in the spring, we will also meet our Transitions Coach who will work with the Search committee.  We will choose a Search committee sometime between April and June and this group will begin congregational surveys and discussions about the process ahead.  Four of the members of this committee will be elected by the entire congregation and three other members will be appointed by the Parish Committee.  We will be surveying the congregation for nominations for members of the Search Committee this spring.  Please speak with Wendy, if you have questions about what is entailed in being a member of the Search Committee.

The Parish Committee is interested in hearing your thoughts and questions about what is important to you and what this church means to you and to the community.  This period after Mark’s retirement has been an important time for discovering what it takes to keep this community together and fulfilling its mission.  We welcome your ideas and participation!

Sue Twombly for the Parish Committee
Kristin Bray
Nick Haddad
Kate Hanson Plass
Jean Merkl-Gorman
Kelly Morton
Dia Warren


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The church is governed by the Parish Committee, made up of seven members elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting for a term of three years. The Parish Committee sets policy, hires staff, and manages the overall direction and business of the church.