Safe Congregation Committee

The Safe Congregation Committee works to ensure that this religious community is a place where there is maximum possible safety – physical safety, safety in our interactions, and spiritual safety.

First Parish of Watertown Policies for a Safe Congregation


Maintaining Right Relations in the First Parish of Watertown Community

At First Parish of Watertown we aspire to be a religious community where there is maximum possible safety—physical safety, safety in our interactions, and spiritual safety. We aspire to be a place where we will not be physically or sexually threatened or abused; a place where we can respectfully give an opinion that rings true to us without being condemned or harshly criticized; a place where our thoughts and emotions are respectfully received and discussed; a place where telling the truth in love is the norm, and the increasing disclosure of ourselves and our thoughts and feelings toward larger realities is welcomed.

The well-being, strength, and reputation of our church depend on a sense of fellowship among the adult members and friends, the children in our community and our staff, which thrives in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and cooperation. Within such an atmosphere, differences of opinion and their resolution through compromise or consensus can enhance a sense of community. However, differences or misunderstandings that go unresolved and descend into prolonged conflict can threaten the social fabric of our church.

The policies and procedures in this document are intended to identify the steps to be followed in our church should serious challenges to the safety of a member of our community or our right relations with one another occur. The UUA Principles and Purposes and our own church Covenant are the guiding principles for these policies and for our behavior toward one another.

Documents which support our Right Relations within this community:

Approved and Available on First Parish Website

In Process of Being Developed

  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Conflict Resolution Policy
  • First Parish Communication Map


The following are documents with which each member should be familiar: