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From the Parish Committee – June 2019

It’s official!  We have signed an agreement with Rev. Wendy Bell to work with us as our Interim Minister starting in August.  Wendy will begin in Watertown the first week in August and will spend that time getting to know the staff and finding her way around the...

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Musically Speaking – June 2019

My first thought is gratitude for the year.  The music at First Parish is happening!  The choir has grown and, with the help of Guy’s practice files, has done more challenging and exciting music than ever before.  We realized a dream I have had of featuring Missa Gaia...

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Captain’s Log, May 31 2019

This column would normally be my goodbye for the summer missive, but it is a goodbye to the church and ministry column instead. This summer will bring a massive sea change in my life, and a changing face of ministry here.  I think by now you have all heard or read...

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From the Parish Committee – May 2019

We are in the process of cleaning up and preparing to say goodbye and getting ready for a new journey!  The Parish Committee has been very busy lately.  We are pleased and excited that we have made an offer to Rev. Wendy Bell to be our Interim Minister starting in...

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Musically Speaking – May 2019

I recently was asked to fill out a survey for one of Mark’s students who is studying UU polity. Polity is defined as “a form or process of civil government or constitution, an organized society”. I think of polity as how the church is run—how we do what we do. The...

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“Expressions of Ministry”  – Mark W. Harris – May 5, 2019

“Expressions of Ministry” by Mark W. Harris – I have spent the last many weeks discussing with students where they derive their authority as ministers. Mostly we conclude that authority is drawn from the communities we serve. We must live with people and engage with people. As I disentangle from 23 years of ministry in Watertown, we all must ask what our expressions of ministry are in a congregation where we teach that we are all ministers to each other.

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