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“Rewarding the Responsible”  by Mark W. Harris –  February 17, 2019

“Rewarding the Responsible” – Mark W. Harris – Is there any reward for being responsible? For those who answer emails promptly and are on time, what is the benefit? The responsible people often end up waiting or not hearing from someone, but there is no penalty for irresponsibility. What to do?

FPW Annual Potluck & Talent Show

Hold the date and mark your calendars for the warmest night of fun in the FPW year!
The FPW Annual Potluck & Talent Show is Saturday evening April 6th (dinner at 6:00pm, show at 7:00pm).

The Old Howard Troupe – Benefit Concert 3/2/19

Saturday, March 2, 2019, 8:00 p.m. The First Parish of Watertown 35 Church Street, Watertown, MA A Benefit Concert for The Helen Robinson Wright Charitable Fund* General Admission $20 Light refreshments will be available for purchase In our town! Soon! The Old Howard...

“Dream On” by Mark W. Harris – January 20, 2019

“Dream On” by Mark W. Harris – People often remember Dr. King for his I Have a Dream speech. Do you dream? I don’t mean those odd, colorful and strange visions at night, but rather visions for your life, or the life of the church, or the life of the world.

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