Month: June 2022

“To Bless the Space Between Us” – Flower Communion Sunday, June 19th, 2022

Hear these words that I offered you at our Water Ingathering back in September–the first worship service of the church year: “The thing about wells is that they are dug in community, they are tended to in community, and they are drawn from in community. When one thirsts, we pull up more water. When one is quenched and thriving, we tend to the well–because we can…Why do we do this? We do this to co-create a visible well. One that holds us, exactly as we are today. One that holds the memory of...

“Can I Get an Amen?” – June 5th, 2022

“At its heart, I think, religion is mystical…"I have seen things…that make all my writings seem like straw." Religions start, as Robert Frost said poems do, with a lump in the throat, to put it mildly, or with the bush going up in flames, the rain of flowers, or the dove coming down out of the sky.” I would venture to say that there is not one person here that hasn’t been gripped by a mystical experience–despite that word ‘mystical’ maybe scaring you off a bit. For who here has never gotten...

Welcome to Summer Social Hour

On Sunday June 19th, immediately following our Flower Service (with Band!) - please plan to stay or come over to church for some Fellowship in the garden to celebrate the official end of our church year. The Fellowship Committee will provide clementines, cookies, chips, coffee & juice. If you would like to contribute some other finger foods, please contact Marianne Collins so she can coordinate food offerings. Please bring your lawn chairs and picnic blankets to that we can gather mostly...

A call to creative folks! – for Rev. Sophia’s Installation, 9/25/22

Please save the date: Sunday, Sept. 25, 2022 for the Installation of Rev. Sophia M. Lyons “Weaving Together our Shared Ministry”   We are looking for artists who would like to create visual representations of our theme: Weaving Together our Shared Ministry.  We are reserving the wall outside the conference room for an art display in honor of this wonderful occasion.  If you have art work you would like to share or questions or ideas, please contact Kelly Morton or Carole Katz. (Contact...

Musically Speaking – June 10th, 2022

Before going to sleep at night, Guy and I trade off reading aloud.  We choose our book carefully, as we don’t want some of the harsh realities of our lives to be our last thoughts before sleep.  Right now, we are reading Redwall by Brian Jacques.   It is about a community of mice who are under attack by an evil and tyranical rat and his gang.  There is a particular mouse whose character is developing into a hero/warrior to ultimately save the day for the mice.  His name is Matthias. Matthias...

From Your Minister – June 3rd, 2022

Greetings Church Family! I pray that you and yours are well these days. June’s theme is Celebrating Blessings and a good one to end our church year with. Natural endings invite us to both count them and prepare for them. Right now, we are holding several transitions that deserve blessing: we are closing out our first year together; we are readying ourselves to say farewell to our Director of Religious Education, Lauren Strauss; our committee work is quieting for the summer; and after worship...

June 2022