Month: September 2021

Musically Speaking – September 10th, 2021

Our worship theme for September is Possibility and may be the perfect focus as we embark upon hybrid worship.  Why “the loud and the soft”, you ask?  It is a metaphor describing our services.  Musically speaking, dynamics are making music loud, soft, getting louder, or getting softer.

HRW Fund 2021 Walk/Run/Bike Fun(d)raiser

Our Second Fall Walk/Run/Bike Fun(d)raiser begins actually, anytime, but officially:  September 17th.  
How do you get involved in the Walk/Run/Biking?  Get the registration form, or register online. 

From Your Minister – September 3rd, 2021

This past month has been a time of sharing stories; a time of good reflection; and a time of imagining what the coming days might look like. For what will this church year hold? Of course, this is only a beginning. I have not met many of you. We are only at the start of this our ministry together. And there is plenty of time. I plan to move slow Dear Ones. For now, we ready ourselves for returning to church–we begin here. And we will begin as we always do, with a Water Communion Service on...

September 2021