Month: March 2021

Annual Meeting Warrant

The 390th Annual Meeting of the First Parish of Watertown will be held online on the 11th of April, following the Sunday Worship Service.

Our Pre-Candidating Weekends Are Complete!

In the Search Committee’s journey since late January, when we narrowed our candidate field from 24 to 3, we have been busy!  Over the course of three weekends in February and March, we’ve conducted 12 hours of interviews, 6 hours of social gatherings, and attended 3 services hosted by other “neutral pulpit” UU congregations.

Musically Speaking – March 12, 2021

Our theme for March is commitment.  I have been thinking about how commitment usually starts as a personal decision, born of our inner drives, but that as we share our lives with others, commitment spills over to the people around us.  I think this is especially true about worshiping together at First Parish, in all of its many facets.  It is certainly true about singing in choir.  The success of the choir is wholly dependent on the commitment of its members, and during the pandemic the...

In the Interim – March 2021

This coming month at First Parish we will be reflecting together on the theme of “commitment.” Over the course of the next several Sundays, we will be considering the various commitments we make…to ourselves, to our families (however we define them), to our communities (including our religious community), and even to our God/Goddess/a Higher Power or our most deeply held values. In particular, this is a good month to reflect on the commitments we make to First Parish. During the month of...

March 2021