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2020 Summer Worship Services

Jul 26, 2020

The Worship Committee is pleased to announce the schedule of lay-led worship services for 2020. Members of our community will be leading us in Sunday morning worship from July 12 through August 26. We truly hope you’ll join us wherever you are for some or all of these insightful, creative, and celebratory services!

Summer virtual services begin at 10:30 a.m.

July 12: “Why Bother?”
Jean Renard Ward
Sometimes, when we try to do good things, the likelihood that we will actually make a difference can appear extremely remote. If the circumstance you are addressing is large, and the concrete things you might actually accomplish seem tiny, ….. is it worth the bother to try?

July 19: Poetry Potluck
Lynn Bratley
Everyone – young and not so young – is invited to contribute to our worship service “feast” by bringing your favorite tasty poem to read or recite to us on zoom. Sprinkle in zest and flavoring if you like by adding a prop or a picture to feed our sense of wonder and shared community.

July 26: Tall Tales: The Magical, Mystical, Wonderful World of Trees
Carole Berney
Using her photographs, Carole will lead us in a visual and verbal meditation on the amazing diversity of trees, with interesting facts and stories about these living beings and how we and the earth depend upon them.

August 2: Conflicting Feelings
Danielle England
How gratitude can help us thrive in difficult circumstances.

August 9: Making Do: When What You Need is What You Have
Izzy Tappan-deFrees
An exploration of the spiritual practice of making the most out of resources that are in hand.

August 16: Fair Is Not Always Equal
Kim Yodisborg
Are “fair” and “equal” synonyms? Drawing from experiences as a special educator, I will explore the relationship of fairness and equality with the aim of fostering acceptance and diversity within our UU community.

August 23: Sacred Gifts – How Hospice Choirs Help
Jean Gauthier
Join Jean Gauthier and the music of the Wayfare Singers, as they reveal how hospice choirs are able to spiritually embrace both the dying and their loved ones during a sacred time.

On August 30th and September 6th we will have informal worship gatherings at 10:30am

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