We welcome you to join us in worship, programs, and community, regardless of your faith tradition, race, gender, or family structure.

Multi-platform worship offers in-person worship with safety protocols and is live-streamed online – join us!

Worship Services

 February 25th, 10:30 am
“We Rise”
Rev. Sophia preaching, the FPW Giving Committee, Michael Collins, Laura Horn, Charlyn Bethell, Guy Urban and the FPW Choir!
What does it mean to be true stewards of a community? This Sunday we will reflect on this and discern how each of us can Rise to help the good ministries of this church flourish and thrive. Come to church and be filled up by music, prayer, good friends, and the soul-nourishing voices of our choir! We really are so very blessed, aren’t we? Please note that following worship we will hold a brief time for food, refreshments and fellowship and then meet in our sanctuary at 12pm for a special conversation with neighboring church leaders entitled: “Grappling with our History: Lessons to be Learned.” This is not to be missed!


March 3rd: Pulpit Exchange Sunday: “Servetus: Young, Scrappy & Hungry,” at FPW! This Sunday we welcome Rev. Dave Egan from First Parish UU Medfield who will go back 470 years to when Michael Servetus was charged with heresy


All are welcome! We offer in person services (masks suggested) that are also streamed via Zoom. If you would like the Zoom link for the service, please contact welcome@fpwatertown.org by noon on Friday.


  • It's so easy to be popular when you pledge the most popular church - The First Parish of Watertown

    Each year in the month of March, our church goes through a period of reflection and renewal in preparation for the start of its new fiscal year on April 1. There is a lot to do to get ready! As a congregational church, we govern and support ourselves financially. We contribute our time, talent and funds to support the church community.  The Annual Appeal helps raise the funds needed for the ongoing operations of First Parish. We each decide for ourselves what we can afford to pledge (or “promise” to contribute) during the coming church year (which runs April 1 – March 31). Pledges both large and small account for more than half of the church operating budget. Broad participation of members and friends is the key to maintaining healthy church finances.  The Giving Committee coordinates the Annual Appeal in March, but the entire congregation works to make this a special time. Typically we begin the month with social gatherings primarily focused on being together. The theme this year is “We Rise”, which we hope will be inspiring as each of us consider for ourselves ways the First Parish community brings meaning to our lives and how we might contribute. Information about church finances will be available via our Annual Appeal brochure. In the brief calendar below, we call attention to the events on March 3 and 9 as important ways to socialize and reflect.  We hope you will join us! Supervised playtime for children will be provided for the event on March 9th. Annual Appeal Calendar Sunday, Feb. 25 – Stewardship Sunday Service Sunday, March 3 – Committee Fair (after service, learn non-monetary ways to contribute) Saturday, March 9  – Potluck Lunch (12:30-3pm, socialize and ask questions) Saturday March 9 – Online Social Gathering (7pm) Sunday March 10 – Presentation (after service)  Sunday, March 27 – Official Pledge Period ends Monday, April 1 – New Church Year begins Saturday, April 7 – Annual Meeting (after service) Sincerely,   The FPW Giving Committee Bob Shay John Portz Michael Collins Clint Sours

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    Do you consider First Parish your spiritual home? If so, consider becoming a member! First Parish welcomes people of all religious backgrounds who affirm the worth of human beings, advocate freedom of belief, and the search for advancing truth. What does it mean to be a member at First Parish? Membership is how you indicate that you are part of the First Parish community. Members can vote on important issues such as the annual and other congregational meetings. While the majority of committees are open to anyone who is interested, certain committees require membership. Members are formally welcomed generally twice a year at a Sunday service (next coming up March 24!). Okay, how do I become a member? Simply speak with our minister, Rev Sophia, or the membership committee to get started (Clint and Sue Sours co-chairs, Melinda Dennis, Laura Horn, Martha Scott, Julie Totten, Julie White), email: membership@fpwatertown.org

Our Faith

silver colored chalice with flame on table with lit taper candle and snuffer

As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm the inherent worth of all people and embrace the free search for truth without a creed.

Our Minister

woman in black robe with white stole stands in front of church building

Rev. Sophia Lyons is the 30th settled minister of First Parish Watertown.

Our History

black and white photograph of wooden Gothic church with square tower at left and low building with peaked roof and round wall at right

The First Parish of Watertown, established in 1630, is one of the oldest parishes in the United States.

In Our Own Words

FPW is a gentle, caring community where I learn and grow. It’s also a place that appreciates what I have to give.


These Zoom services mean so much to me at this difficult time… it’s good enough that I remember I’m part of this community.  It’s a lifeline during the pandemic.


We’re a small church that acts big.  We have some very energetic people who can do a lot.



woman sits cross-legged on carpet telling story with props to children sitting and lying on their stomachs

Faith is a lifelong learning experience. Our Religious Education program promotes children’s individual religious exploration in a loving environment. Adult Programs bring religious education to the grownups.


five youth in raincoats with hood stand in the rain holding Watertown Walks for Peace banner

We commit to being a force for social change in our congregation, our town, and the world.  We support anti-racism work, speak out for immigrant rights, fight for climate justice, and welcome and celebrate LGBTQiA+ people.


six people look up at camera from meal and trivia answer sheet

Join our community at social events and in shared-interest groups!  In times of need, our minister provides pastoral care. This community is sustained by our gifts of time and money.

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