First Parish of Watertown

Welcome to the First Parish of Watertown

Thank you for your interest. We hope you will visit us on a Sunday morning. We are also happy to answer requests for information by email or telephone. Please let us know if you would like additional information about the church community.

At the First Parish of Watertown, we try to encourage personal and spiritual growth through worship, social action and outreach, fellowship and education. We take pride in our long history as a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and believe it is our responsibility to inspire and assist one another towards greater compassion, justice, and beauty. We hope you will feel warmly welcomed, and will consider becoming part of our congregation.

Our church is home for approximately 125 members and friends, and about fifty-five children. We have a reputation of being a friendly, open church, which is a reflection of our beliefs about what religion should be. We come to church with different needs and aspirations; but the desire to receive comfort, insight, and hope, as well as an opportunity to contribute to something larger than ourselves is universal. Together, we do provide both reassurance and new possibilities, and we welcome your participation. Again, if you have questions about the church and its programs, please feel free to call on me.

I hope to see you in church!

Rev. Mark Harris

Membership in First Parish

Are you interested in making the First Parish of Watertown your spiritual home? To become a member of the church, we suggest visiting for several weeks, come to social hour, and get to know our present members. Every week members of the church are designated as “Ask Me” persons, who are in church to answer whatever questions you may have. Newcomer breakfasts are offered twice a year to help newcomers get acquainted. The minister also offers a New Unitarian Universalist class, where he will share some of our First Parish history, Unitarian Universalist background, and provide information on what the church offers, and how you can be involved. Although the class is not required to join the church, it does provide helpful background, especially if this is the first Unitarian Universalist church you have attended.

Once you have decided that you would like to make this your Church, please speak to the Minister. The procedure for joining is simple: just fill out an intention of membership card (yellow cards found in the pamphlet rack) and return it to the Minister or the Administrator. Though there is no membership fee or other minimum requirement, people are encouraged to be generous with their time and resources, because the Church is what the members make it. The Fellowship Committee can assist you in becoming involved in areas of interest to you. Chairs of all our committees are listed in the Directory of Members and Friends which is available to all members, and committees are described here on the Web site under Committees. Twice each year at a Sunday service new members are formally welcomed into the life of the congregation and invited to sign our membership book at that time.