Multigenerational Programs

The most important ingredient of any religious community is the love and support of many people. It is essential to the spiritual development of all members at First Parish to foster a loving connection between folks of all ages.  In that regard, we seek positive opportunities to connect our members across the generations.  In addition to having everyone join together for the first portion of our Sunday worship services, we will plan other special opportunities for being together.  Some of these will include.

All Children Together Activities: During our specially planned activities, all of our children will be able to spend some quality time together.  We believe it is important to encourage the children to build a connection with all children at First Parish, not just the ones in their small group gathering.

Intergenerational Worship Services: Several times during the year, our Sunday worship service is created for our entire community.  This means that everyone is welcome to attend the service. We try to have stories, activities, and special music that engage people of all ages.  This is a great opportunity for children to experience worshiping with their adult friends, which can be enjoyable for all involved.

Intergenerational Special Events and Workshops: Stay tuned to our newsletter, The Arbella, for news about great workshops and activities being planned.  Based on the premise that people tend to build friendships based on shared interests, we will be offering some programs that will appeal to folks of different ages.  Whether it is our “Sunny Bunny pen-pals”, “sing-a-long” potlucks, “popcorn theology”, or a “nature walk at Charles River”, these activities will be fun for everyone who joins us.

Let us know what intergenerational activities you would like at First Parish!

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