First Parish of Watertown

The Multicolored Jellyfish

Flaming Hedgehog

The Multicolored Jellyfish

are in Grades 5-7

are ages 10-12

are Making UU Magic!

Class Schedule                                                             Our Podcast!!

                        The UU Podcast by the Multicolored Jellyfish!screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-21-48-pm

Our Multicolored Jellyfish class has been creating a podcast.  In Episode One, Gates, Nea, Jack, Marcos, Tamsin, Haley, and Maddy interview Mark Harris, Max Sours, and Kyle Morton.





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What’s Up Next?

Last Time with the Multicolored Jellyfish…

September 18, 2016: Our young Witches and Wizards gathered for their Opening Ceremony.  They discussed a new name (but haven’t decided yet), considered a color scheme for their brand-new bulletin board, and reconnected after a summer apart.  John P and Rachel W-F were the Professors.

Image credit: Nea D.