First Parish of Watertown


This campaign is funded by our congregation, with the main source being pledges to be paid over a three year period beginning in March 2015, with fundraisers and other gifts as well.

Pledges to the capital campaign are in addition to annual pledges; please give as generously as you are able. However, if your circumstances dictate, please prioritize annual giving to sustain the programs and staff of our church.

 Feasibility Study

Our goal of $475,000 was set upon the conclusion of the Feasibility Study, conducted by UU fundraising  consultant, Tricia Hart. Over a snowy January weekend, she interviewed 39 members, comprising 60% of the congregation. Tricia reported interviewee showed strong commitment to the proposed projects, with some motivated by the heating system, others by the religious education classroom improvement, and others by the outdoor space/memorial garden. She was impressed by our dedication to First Parish, and our readiness to begin the capital fund drive.

A stewardship orientation for all First Parish parishioners, led by UU fundraising consultant, Tricia Hart, is planned for Saturday, February 21. All are welcome to come who would like to understand the process; attending is not a commitment to be a steward. Additionally, stewards will be asked for preferences about who they might wish to approach in pledging.  Being a steward is an easy and important  to assist the capital fund drive succeed.  

We celebrate the beginning of the campaign with the Opening Doors Kickoff Dinner on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 6pmDuring the remainder of March, a First Parish steward contacts each member of the congregation. Pledges to the capital fund drive are made at this time and are payable over three years. You may also make your pledge to the annual drive simultaneously; please remember that the annual drive drive sustains the programs and staff of our church.

Thank you! Your generous contribution will insure that future generations enjoy the spiritual community of  First Parish.

Questions? See our brochure, or please contact the Opening Doors Capital Campaign Committee or the Parish Committee.