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What Dreams Do You Have For First Parish?

Weaving the Web of Dreams

Weaving the Web of Dreams

What Dreams Do You Have For First Parish?

Here is the list as of October 15, 2012:

Dreams That We Have Heard

To Improve Our Buildings:
Accommodate growth in terms of space
Compost toilets/add urinal
Geothermal heat system
Improve access to storage space
Build/Improve office space for staff
French doors leading to a patio for social hour
Wire building for Internet
Larger shed
New AV system in sanctuary
Preschool hallway/classes redo; Remove the preschool
Remodel for RE
Rainwater collection for toilets (gray water)
Remodeled commercial kitchen; social hall
Replace carpets
Solar photovoltaic panels
Stained glass windows
Zoned heating system
Flowers on Stage
Keep the sun come in sanctuary
Functional Heat

To Improve Our Grounds:
Community garden on our grounds
Ghost outline of old 1842 meeting house as garden
New drainage system
Memorial garden
More fruit trees
Permeable driveway parking lot to prevent flooding
Zen garden
Outdoor fellowship space

To Improve Our Programs:
Adequate dining supplies for large dinners
Community involvement
Improve FPW visibility in community
More involvement with UUA activities and resources
More men in choir
More small group ministries
Partnering with other churches
Programs to create greater appreciation for sustainable living
Promote UU identity in the community
RE Green Sanctuary curriculum improved
Adult Ed (formalize)
Online Bios
More outreach to immigrant community
Outreach to new and old mothers
Accessibility awareness for mental and physical disabilities
More Dinners, Games
More Music

To Improve Our Governance:
Second paid pastoral minister
System to greet and track newcomers
Improve website to improve communication
Inter-committee communications improved
Good volunteer recruitment program
Governance – committees working together toward common goals
Improve Newcomer Greeting
Allow Committee Visiting (non-committal)
Give More Ways to Give Back
Inter-committee communications improved

To Improve Our Finances:
Adequate budget to maintain needs
Planned gifts
Improved/balanced pledging
Cell phone tower for income
Resolve the question of keeping vs. selling parsonage
Bigger Pledges
Legacy gifts
Long-Term infrastructure Plan
Understanding FPW’s finances
Grant $, more sources of money
Antique Road Show
New young members of canvass committee

Summer Worship Services -2011

Summer Services 2011 – 9:30 a.m.

We have a summer full of wonderful lay led services lined up this July and August.   And for a special addition, we  have the childcare services of Heidi Bedrossian.  THANK YOU HEIDI!  Please contact the “assisting” Worship Committee member before hand if you can, and give us a heads-up for needing  childcare.

Services will begin JULY 10th  and run through AUGUST 28th.  Please take special note that these services start at 9:30 am and last 45 minutes-one hour.

We have some very interesting topics from church members who have volunteered their time, ideas, and energy….A BIG THANKS!

JULY 10, led by Silke Plesch – “Our Compassion For Animals” : Why we love animals in the wild and as our pets.  Come and explore your connections with non humans.  assisting, Djalai Babazadeh,

JULY 17, led by John Chamberlain – “Mind Weaving” : using physical movements as metaphors and external routes to spiritual practice.  assisting, Silke Plesch,

JULY 24, led by Kristina Johnson Parish – “When Things Fall Apart” : Reflections on how we confront changes and find new beginnings.  assisting, Chris Sthultz,

JULY 31, led by Isabel and Elizabeth Tappan-deFrees – “Surreal” and “Among the Broken Buddha” : Reflections on our sojourn to India and beyond.  assisting, Chuck Dickinson,

AUGUST 7, led by Angela Garcia – “Jig Saw Puzzles” : What I learned about life doing jig saw puzzles.  assisting, TBA

AUGUST 14, led by Amy Urban – “Medicinal Herbs” : History, philosophy and more.  assisting, Djalai Babazadeh,

AUGUST 21, led by Chris Sthultz – “How Do You See a Tree?” : Viewing the world through a lens of interconnections.  assisting, Johanna Swift-Hart,

AUGUST 28, led by Amber Anderson Mba and Chris Sthultz – “Rhythm and Healing” : promoting physical and spiritual well being through drumming.  assisting, Chris Sthultz,


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