In the tradition of Congregational Polity, our church is organized and governed by volunteer committees.

Read on to learn more about specific committees.

The Parish Committee is the governing board of the church. This committee makes policy decisions and manages the overall direction of the church.

The Religious Education Committee is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of all aspects of the First Parish Watertown RE program. We meet monthly to review such issues as curriculum and class planning, RE policy, special programs, youth group and childcare concerns, adult RE programs and the hiring and direction of our Director of Religious Education.

The Finance Committee manages short- and long-term financial activities of the church. Its main areas of responsibility are managing the budget and performing an annual review and presentation of the church budget.  It is responsible for the Every Member Canvass which solicits annual pledges from all members and friends of the church. It also sponsors the Annual Dinner and Talent Show.

The Social Action Committee's mission is to initiate projects of social importance, most notably the monthly giving box. They also try to facilitate congregational participation in and advocacy for a variety of social action programs.

The Building and Grounds Committee supervises the maintenance, repair, and improvement of Parish buildings and grounds, including the parsonage. It may recommend action on issues of furnishings and decoration. This committee helps to select and supervise the sexton, and oversee all the regularly contracted service and maintenance work on the church.

The Helen Robinson Wright Fund Disbursement Committee meets five times a year to make decisions on appropriation of grants.

The Worship Committee advises and assists the minister in planning and presenting worship services. They provide overall guidance and technical support for our worship services, including arranging lay services, and special music. This committee helps to coordinate several special services during the year, and is also responsible for summer services.

The Fellowship Committee This committee is responsible for coordinating social hour and many other social events at the church, including Newcomer Breakfasts and the all church retreat. Their goal is to make everyone feel welcome and part of the community, to the end that the church's membership will increase in both numbers and warmth. They are especially charged with integrating new people into the congregation

The Committee on Ministry serves as a liason between the congregation and the minister, and also addresses any special issues the minister wishes to discuss. A sub-committee also serves to support and advise the intern minister. Any discussion issues related to the ministers should be addressed to this committee.

The Trustees of First Parish Watertown meet quarterly to monitor and review the stability of three endowment funds which support the church. The trusts are: The Perpetuity Fund, The Ministerial Fund and The Helen Robinson Wright Charitable Fund

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